Vigorelle Female Enhancement Cream Review: Instant Topical Viagra For Women

Vigorelle is another excellent Viagra for women alternative. It is our 2nd top pick for topical female enhancement cream or gel. Although Provestra Gel got our top spot, Vigorelle is still a high quality libido enhancer and lubricant that doesn’t skimp on the finest ingredients, hence its slightly higher price tag. As with the libido enhancer pills, a brand that may work for one woman may not work as well for another as everyone’s chemistry is different. So Vigorelle and Provestra are the best topical enhancements we’ve seen. The majority of women get great results with either one of these products.

HerSolution Female Enhancement Gel Review: Female Viagra In A Tube

If you are finding it hard to get sexually stimulated, have low sex drive, or dealing with vaginal dryness than HerSolution Gel can turn that around. This gel is a female Viagra in a tube! Yes you get instant remedy with this one. We love this gel and it is our #1 top pick topical female enhancement! HerSolution Gel is a very popular choice just like Hersolutions pills. The gel form works in similar ways. HerSolution has been creating a lot of buzz and have been featured in magazines and recently the hit TV show ‘The Doctors’.